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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

अबकी बार मोदी सरकार

जन जन कि यही पुकार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
चाहे लाख जतन करले ये कांग्रेस सरकार ,नहीं रोक पाएंगे मोदी सरकार
मिटाना हे इस देश से भ्रष्टाचार, अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
दिये हमने इनको 55 वर्ष लगातार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
फिर भी मिटा ना पाये देश से भ्रष्टाचार और बेरोजगार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
चाहते हो जिंदगी में चैन और बहार , तो प्रण करो अबकी बार मोदी सरकार

55 years, It is more than enough time for any government to give a good shape to our country but still they have failed to do so. Just like we always want to see new changes in our life, we should also have changes in our government as well. In the private organizations also you might have seen that they keep on changing the leader, manager because they believe in that new leader and manager will do bring some new ideas.
But in India we have not given chance for new government to show their leadership and many other skills.

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