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Thursday, July 3, 2014

हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना

            हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना 
मुझे बड़ी से बड़ी मुश्किलें दे , ताकि कर सकु छोटी-छोटी मुश्किलों का हस हस कर सामना 
           हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना
छोटी-छोटी मुश्किलों से कभी घबराता नहीं , क्योंकि यही भरती  हे साहस  मुझमे बड़ी-बड़ी मुश्किलों से सामना करने का 
           हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना 
बन जाऊं में इतना साहसी और निडर की इन छोटी-छोटी मुश्किलों का करूँ हस हस कर सामना 
            हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना 
कितनी ही लहरें और तूफान आई नहीं डिगी वो चट्टान , में भी बन जाऊं ऐसी चट्टान और फिर कितनी ही मुशीबतों का हो सामना
            हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना
बन जाऊं  में इतना साहसी  और निडर बड़ी बड़ी मुशीबतों का भी में करूँ स्वागत और सम्मान
                    हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना 
बस मुझे ऐसी प्रेरणा देना की कर सकूँ सहायता जब हो इन बड़ी बड़ी मुशीबतों से आपका सामना 
        हो मुशीबतों से सामना, बस यही मेरी एक कामना 
                                                                                           - सियाराम विश्वकर्मा

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Few tips to plan your work and improve performance at work

How to plan-

  1. Plan your work for the day, and do finish the important work first (i.e. work which are close to deadline). 
  1. Amongst the works which are equally important, Start off with the work which requires undivided attention and the work which requires less or little attention, you can postpone it for hours or so. Since at the start of the day your mind and body are fresh and healthy.
  1. Reduce dependencies of the resource so that it requires minimal wait for the dependent resource if that resource is unable to provide inputs required by dependent resource. Hence resource does not remain in under utilization. 
  1. Organize your files, folders and documents such that it requires minimal time to search when needed.
  1. Try to finish similar tasks together, because putting dissimilar tasks in the middle of similar tasks would break your continuity and which in turn increases work like information recollection, getting re-familiar, for the interleaving tasks. 

How to improve performance-

  1. Always find interest in the work or task assigned to you, since lack of interest in work keeps your mind unstable. 
  1. Do not stretch the work instead take small-small breaks (1 minute or 2 minute break)
  1. Avoid attending calls which take your attention off from the task, if they are not so important. 
  1. If you have worked out enough to solve the problem, please take help of experts/colleagues, instead of doing work on same problem to solve it.
  1. Take off if you are unable to collect your attention due to unconsciousness or any other reason. 
  1. Try to dig into the problem so that you can have solutions for the many other linked problems instead of getting solution for the targeted problem only.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Casting vote to NOTA is as good as not casting vote…

    With the end of 9th phase of election, general election 2014 came to an end and fates of all the candidates have been locked in EVM machines. In every States, we have seen significant increase in voting percentage what does this mean, do voters have become more politically aware or have they got some other options to vote for or have they fed up with their existing MP and so they want change. More voter turnout means, voters have been cautious enough about the government and now the decision will not be as what we have been seeing in last many elections.

This time voters have not moved with any wave rather they have voted for the development of the country.  And it has become very difficult to decipher whom they want as their MP.  If we consider some popular seats from where top politicians have been contesting for years and winning with a huge margin of votes. Since voters have shown active participation in politics, so even for top leader it is not going to be easy task. They are also afraid of getting loss of their seat.

 On what basis they are winning the seat with huge margin. If they are so popular among the people in their constituency citing the work they have done. Why can’t they stand from other constituencies and do the work that they had done in their previous constituency. And win with huge margin. Our politicians have good command or have earned name in the constituencies from where they are contesting.

Why can’t voters teach them lesson by voting against them, for which voters have been voting since many years. But they do not since voters are attracted via “cash and vote”. There are still many regions in our country where votes are being purchased by extending short lived help. And voters accept it thinking that anyway we do not get any help after the election results so it’s better to get something before the elections from the contestants. More over there are many people who are in dire need of money so they get it for voting in favor.

Even though all the contestants have made their every efforts to get every single vote but what if in spite of all such efforts, if majority of the people have voted to NOTA because they have not found any candidates suitable for their constituencies. But still NOTA is not going to win. Any candidate who is at second position after NOTA will be declared as winner. Votes in favor of NOTA will be considered invalid. Is it fair with those who have given mandate to NOTA?  If this is the case then it would have been better for the voters, who voted to NOTA, that they should have casted their VOTE to a candidate who was their second preference after NOTA.

In case of NOTA majority, making all NOTA votes invalid, somewhere discourage to vote for NOTA. Because even after getting majority, if the candidate who stands at second position is being declared as winner then it would have been better for them to vote for their less preferable candidate as opposed to NOTA. Majority of the people have rejected the candidate who comes at second position. So any how he should not be declared as winner otherwise it is as good as disallowing those people who voted to NOTA.

Friday, April 25, 2014

IPL 2014 : What Team Selectors would be eyeing upon in IPL season 7

1)      Opening Pair: Selectors need to decide the opening pair for Indian ODI team. After sachin-sehwag  or gambhir-sehwag india has been struggling for the opening pair. India has been in a dire need of opening pair which can give consistent performance for India.
2)      Trio Come Back: Can Sehwag,Gambhir,Irphan Pathan come back and book their place in playing eleven. Without these players india would never have imagined to win the matches when they were in the team.
3)      Consistent Pacers: India has always been in a demand for fast bowler. Any good fast bowler lasts only for a year or so, he can not perform consistently for long time. Indian fast bowlers’ life is short lived like a rain drop.
4)      All rounders: India needs 2-3 solid All rounders for the world cup 2015. Currently ashwin,jadeja are playing the role of all rounder. But for ashwin, he should concentrate on his bowling and he should become a bowler like Saed Ajmal,Sunil Narine. So that he becomes a trump card for indian captain to play him at any time whenever he needs wicket or to put stop on run.
5)      Tail ender: India needs to have good tail ender at least who can contribute 20-30 runs if required. And these tail enders are mostly bowlers so our spinners and fasters, should be capable enough to contribute 20-30 runs whenever required. For example, during target chasing if our middle order batsmen go to pavilion when just 20-30 runs are required. In this situation tail ender comes into picture and they should play their role wisely.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Yuvraj Singh Answered the call but it's at wrong time

            Yuvi answered the call but it’s too late – Answer’s to a call does not have any importance if it is not answered at right time. Specially when caller is at the peak to listen the answer but the callee does not answer. And in such case the late answer is as good as not answering the call. Even the late answer seems like adding salt to deep scar. And hence instead of getting applause you get criticism.
            He played below expectations at the time when our nation’s pride was at stake. If he was finding difficulties in playing big shots, he could have given up his wicket, knowing that we had enough batting left (8 wickets in hand). He merely scored 11 off 21 balls and india managed to set target of 130 runs. And conceived these 21 deliveries in last 8 overs, where India was needed boundaries but they even had not managed singles or doubles on each delivery.
            On the other hand he played above expectations and scored 52 off  29 balls, in the match DD vs RCB on 17 March. Which is rarely of any importance over winning a WORLD CUP.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

अबकी बार मोदी सरकार

जन जन कि यही पुकार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
चाहे लाख जतन करले ये कांग्रेस सरकार ,नहीं रोक पाएंगे मोदी सरकार
मिटाना हे इस देश से भ्रष्टाचार, अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
दिये हमने इनको 55 वर्ष लगातार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
फिर भी मिटा ना पाये देश से भ्रष्टाचार और बेरोजगार , अबकी बार मोदी सरकार
चाहते हो जिंदगी में चैन और बहार , तो प्रण करो अबकी बार मोदी सरकार

55 years, It is more than enough time for any government to give a good shape to our country but still they have failed to do so. Just like we always want to see new changes in our life, we should also have changes in our government as well. In the private organizations also you might have seen that they keep on changing the leader, manager because they believe in that new leader and manager will do bring some new ideas.
But in India we have not given chance for new government to show their leadership and many other skills.

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@ Disclaimer: I am neither the member of any party nor supporter.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Women's International Day: Women woes with their work but still did not get respect

Just like man, a woman does have dreams in her life to enjoy every moment of her life wherever she is, But our society and surroundings keep her away from this enjoyment. She also has dreams in her eyes to become Pilot, Engineer, Doctor or Manager. She wants to get education so that she can give feather to her dreams. But our society undermines her dreams and shows reluctance towards fulfillment of her dreams.
If some how she collects the courage to make her dreams true and succeeds in this. She again finds herself insecure in the job she joins in. She is mistreated in the organization due to male domination. She suffers from disparity in the organization.She is being harassed in family. She becomes victim of some bad comments at many public spots.
Whatever problem she has faced and she is facing but she can never deny from her duty of bringing up a child. And if she is deprived from her rights (say education, job) then it will affect the bringing up of her child directly or indirectly. Because she will not be able to provide full-fledged facility to her child. Which, In turn, will affect the future of her child.
A small baby looks pleasing as long as he is playing or crawling but the moment when it starts crying, man will also start crying or hating after 10 minutes or so. Now imagine if a man has responsibility of upbringing of that baby for 30 days then the man will surely quit this work and he will look for alternatives like maid or house keeper. A man gives up so easily when he does not have any problems whereas a woman never gives up. There is not this single work where man fails to do but there are many other works. And hence she is called “LAKSHMI” of house.
            Finally a man and woman both should enjoy the equal rights. And the WOMAN International Day is celebrated to bolster WOMAN towards getting their rights and honors in the society, workplace. Happy Women's International Day !!:)-

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How the increased prices of polybags will reduce polythene based garbage

Soon Punekar will have to pay 15 Rs for one poly bag, Increase in poly bag prices (15 Rs each poly bag) will discourage people from using it carelessly. If the price is low, They do not avoid from use of polythene where it could have been avoided. More over, People don’t care about reuse of polythene. Now the increased price will force them either not to use or use only when it is required.

Pune city alone generates 1600 metric ton of garbage daily and of this 15% (240 metric tons) of garbage from polythene and plastics only. And the step to increase price of poly bag will sharply reduce polythene and plastic based garbage.
Few points, that how increase in price of polybags will discourage people from using poly bags
1)      People will try to buy grocery and other kirana products in one go and will keep bought thing in minimum number of poly bags. Since, Every new polythene they ask to shopkeeper is going to affect their bill effectively.
2)      They will hesitate in asking for poly bag to shopkeeper specially when they buy Kirana Samaan for less price say 20-25 Rs and asking for poly bag (15 Rs) will not be an wise choice. So in such situation they will avoid use of polybag or will try to keep bag with them.
3)      Rage picker will get more paid for each polythene that they collect. And hence it will motivate them towards their great work.
4)      People will prefer to keep carry bag with them wherever possible.
5)      Poly bags used to carry solid or dry material can be reused without processing. Higher cost will encourage people towards reuse of such poly bags.
6)      Increased cost will be beneficial for garbage processing companies since the Processing charges incurred on low price poly bag and high price poly bag will remain same. Because after processing they will sell it at higher price now unlike before.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrate Parentine day first then Valentine day

You might be happy by celebrating your valentine day with your love called GF (Girl Friend) or BF (Boy Friend). But have you celebrated parent’s day or father’s day or mother’s day to express your love with them. Those who have sacrificed their life for your upbringing. They opted your upbringings over their career. For your upbringings they ruled out options of earning money or making their career. They are always ready with their “Life on Palm” for you. They have always thought of your well being even when you go against their wishes or decision. They always have a void in their heart for you.
Even after so much caring and sacrifices, we do not see huge responses on parents’ day like valentine day. On valentine day prices of rose flower shots up manifold. But on the other hand, on parent’s day we hardly see any buyer’s for flowers.
There are so many occasions on which you express you love with GF or BF ,or even you do not need any occasions. But for parents even on the occasions (like parents day,mothers day,fathers day) we do not express love with them.
If you ask to your parent’s, who is your valentine?
they will say my son. But when you ask to son, he will say many names like priya, pinki, pooja etc but  he will not say my parents are my valentine.

So I urge you to celebrate Parentine-day (parents day) first then valentine day.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Allow IDI instead of FDI

Foreign direct investment in which foreign entities invest their money in Indian markets like Food, Garments, and Cosmetic etc. and is welcomed by Indian govt because of it’s featured advantage. Supply chain required by consumer market has different layers and the efficiency among different layers is increased by implementing proper policies and rules. Central Govt has already approved 51% FDI in multi brand retail which attracts foreign players to invest in India. And study suggests that FDI will bring millions of jobs, money inflow in India and tax collection.

Domestic players are afraid of loosing their ownership to Foreign players. The FDI culture which is coming in India will discourage those emerging domestic players. And it will end totally that Kirana shop culture. Their customer base will be shifted to those Foreign Players. Since it is financed and managed by foreign players so our government will have little control or say no control.
Taking advantage of consumer base, in India, starting an small business seems an easy option but if FDI is allowed then it will also be vanished. Since India is a biggest consumer market after china hence it seems attractive for many foreign players. But should they be allowed at the cost of small and medium business. Allowing FDI means somewhere we are becoming financially dependent on some other country.
Instead of allowing FDI (foreign direct investment) why do not allow IDI (Indian direct investment). In India also, There are many big players who can establish their own chain of super markets. Single brand retail FDI which is already approved and now they are trying to approve multibrand retail FDI if it is also approved then it will not be Indian retail sector rather it would foreign retail sector. Moreover everything (labor, service, raw materials) would be offered by India and profit which will be generated will be given to those foreign players.
Govt and some other study suggests that FDI will reduce the price of product being sold .This FDI scheme will just do selling and nothing more than that then how can they provide the product at cheaper rate than those selling in a small shop. Wherein these supermarket chain would incur cost in many more thing like infrastructure cost, employee wages, taxes and many more and this cost will be pushed on to consumer only. On the other hand a shop keeper has nothing to do with such things and this saved cost can be transferred to consumer in terms of cheaper prices.