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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sachin will always be remembered for his "Sachhattitue"

16th November brought tears in millions of eyes when he said good bye to cricket forever. Sachin had made so much room in every body’s heart that they never want him to leave cricket. But its rule of nature that whatever you owe today have to give up tomorrow. His position in Indian cricket team will be inevitable which is clear from the deck of milestones he has achieved. After 20 years of play every ball he faced would have added a new record in his record book. Almost every record that a batsman can have is owned by Sachin. And it will be impossible for any new batsman to come near about his records.
        In the competitive era none of the player would be able to play so long (24 years) cricket that Sachin has played. Considering the fact that so much cricket is being played in variety of formats like TEST, ODI, T20 and IPL, a player would not be able to focus on all kind of formats. Player’s fitness has also been a big issue hence they are not playing consistently as expected. If player is fit then the question of his form, since a player is dropped and taken due to lack of performance etc. and hence it becomes difficult for him to retain his form for long time. All these things become hinder in player’s growth and hence cannot excel in his career.

         Even if Sachin has retired from all forms of cricket but it would have impossible for his fans to forget him. He will always be remembered when we will talk about any record that a batsman can have. He will not only be remembered for his games but also for his honesty and game spirit. He has never waited for the umpire signal specially field umpire when he knows that he is out irrespective of the match condition and importance of the wicket at that moment. He never confronted on ground with any fielder and has never been in any controversies. Once Sachin has given a statement “Mumbai belongs to all indians” and his statement has created much chaos in country. And Local political leaders told that Mumbai belongs to Mumbaikar. But Sachin has not spoken any single word after his first statement but the Statement has been defended by his fans and supporters and thus verbal brawl remained continue for long time among Sachin’s supporters and Local Political leaders. And thus this kind of attitude: “Sachhattitude” has attracted so many fans and followers and he will always be remembered for his “Sachhattitude”.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Why the conspiracy has been planned against Asharam Bapu

The conspiracy against Bapu: i have already written in my earlier post that this is conspiracy against Bapu ji and which is going to be true as people who alleged him started confessing.to see why this conspiracy has been made against him Read the scrap:

AAP Donation Money Creates Brawl

The ruling government has asked to probe into donations to AAP but they have forgotten that "jinke ghar shishon ke bane hote he wo dusron ke ghar par patthar nahi fekte".
do the ruling party which does campaigning and rally, spend only genuine money.one campaign for the parties like Congress and BJP costs 2-10 crore and if we consider the complete money spent on election campaign will exceed the limit what EC has decided. Then why they have questioned on AAP which is getting fund from donations and the donors are individuals, industrialist, drivers etc.
They do not want the AAP to grow and becomes hinder in their own progress hence they want to cut it down before it grows up. But nothing can stop AAP party since it is AAM ADMI’s PARTY as its name indicates. And the party is giving chance to every individual who aspires to become true and non-corrupted politician.
We have been ruled by so many parties but none of the parties is able to get rid of corruption rather it is increasing leaps and pounds day by day. To put a break on this increasing corruption, Party and its members both should be corruption free. AAP Party which was found to fight against corruption only, will surely bring corruption free government if voted to power.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All the allegations are false against Asharam Bapu

I have seen so many people believing on false news being aired on TV and news-papers. Even those who are his follower also believing on these false allegations. And they will, since any time they switch on their TV they happen to see only Asharam Bapu case. This has been a big strategy against him at the time of election where people and media being diverted from main election plank (mudde). And hence media and aam admi are not able to focus on main issues which are deciding factor for the government to be elected in assembly election 2013 and general election 2014. In today’s busy life person never gets time to think over whom he should vote for. Even he does not get time for his own family from his busy hours. Then how he will get time to think about which party will be good and which will be bad for his country.
All the TV channels are showing one and only one issue which is discussed here at the time of assembly elections otherwise there are many more issues which need to be enlightened to give a good mandate to the coming government. Issues like Coal Scam, 2-G scam, accused MPs and MLAs, Lokpal bill and Bijli,sadak,pani need to be discussed. If these issues are discussed then the voter can decide in better way, for whom he should vote.
I am waiting for the moment when he will be proved innocent.
Hariom Hariom Hariom Hariom Hariom Hariom Hariom………………………………………………..