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Friday, August 16, 2013

Technology is boon or bane

                With the invent of Mobile Technology,Internet etc. it has changed the human life. We can talk the person sitting thousands of kms away. not only we can talk rather we have enhanced it up to sharing knowledge with the people sitting geographically apart using different media like social networking sites,online forums etc. which was nightmare without use of technology.
                  Just like happiness comes with some sort of sorrow so the technology. if the technology is not used properly than it can be bane for us. for example mobile phone which reduces the distance between people sitting kms away.they can be reached within a fraction of seconds but the same mobile might hurt when it burst. more over same mobile can lead an accident when you are talking on phone while driving.
                  Technology helps you be in touch but on the other side it reduces your chance of meeting face to face since you have already been in touch. and even if you meet there might not be so much interest,attachment which would have been if you were not in touch.

Technology is boon or ban