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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Women empowerment

            Women empowerment refers increasing social,economic,spiritual,political strength of women. if women are not getting their rights or power just because they are women then it's wrong. every body should have equal rights. gender based disparity is seen in the trend of continuously declining gender ratio. one side a person does not want to have girl child whereas on the other side we hear so many rape cases almost every day which is the result of declining gender ratio.
            According to census 2011, 48.37% of the indian population is female. out of these, only very few percentage is seen in colleges specially in IITs and IIMs, companies,organizations etc. why this percentage is very low. because women do not have their rights,power,freedom. for example

1) In Colleges,Hostels girls are not allowed to go out and come in after stipulated time (8pm,9pm...).

2)No night shift in most of the companies or organisations even if they wish

3)A girl over boy is deprived from getting education in most rural areas thinking that after marriage a girl will not give money advantage to her parents whereas boy will (once he or she starts earning).

gender disparity
women rights are limited

           Majority of rural female population is deprived from their rights or power. unless you allow them to do something how they will learn or get experience.
              It is said that "people learn from experience" 

              it should be "Male people learn from experience" because women do not get chance to get experience.

if such restrictions were there almost half % of population of our country would be working in limited scope.and hence they will hardly add any thing to our country's economic growth.

to get more about women empowerment here are some links

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Can Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) retain their Tag?

      changing entrance exam patterns and rules every time does not ensure quality students rather better quality education should be imparted. rules changed frequently needs proper implementation and time to be effective and start producing results.this frequent change in results might deteriorate the quality of students.

there have been so many big changes in IITs:

1. IIT mains(subjective) replaced with objective exam in year 2006

2. in year 2007-2008, a student can attempt IIT entrance maximum twice one attempt during 12th and second attempt next subsequent year only after 12th.

3. introducing 28% OBC reservations in IITs as well in year 2007 around.

4. IITs entrance replaced by two tier  exam again in 2012 and giving 40% weightage to 12th.

and now in 2013

5. special preparatory session for reserved category students (SC/ST) to fill reserved seats in IITs. to know more click here

all these big changes have been made in a span of 7 years(approx.) .there are so many other changes also. now the question is
  • what is need of so many changes?
  • do rule maker IITs deserve to make rules,why they can not make strong decision at once? 
  • making changes so frequently, might lead in making loose rules which may in turn send low quality students in IITs.

the concerning committee making rules and all should understand that

"IIT is not mass producer rather it's quality producer"

if IITs are quality producer then why they  fill seat via providing extra training to those who could not clear cut off. either seats should be kept vacant or should be filled by other deserving candidates.

we see that IITs are slipping in world ranking and asian ranking year on year. then why such low quality students are allowed to enter. if such rules are not stopped then those days are not far away that an IITian will also be unemployed just like other engineering students.

narayan murthy has told once : "engineering students(in state level colleges and universities) are not capable to work in IT companies  without proper training"

In coming future we might hear words that NITians are not capable and then IITian.