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Monday, May 20, 2013

Water Recycling

     Recycling water means purifying used water and reuse it wherever possible,do not let it waste rather purify used water and use it for certain purposes like cleaning platform,floor,sprinkling water in garden and plant, for construction and many more.water used at one stage can always be used at other stage which requires less purified form of water.
         for example washbasin water  can be used to clean toilets,can be given to plants etc.,water used in washing clothes can be reclaimed to clean floors and platforms or can be used for irrigation.

water after purification can be more purified than what you get in supply from municipal corporation.more over if we reclaim this water then we can see our rivers and nullah more clean since this water will no more flow into the rivers.and this will reduce dependency on supplied water
municipal corporation supplies water to you and you discharge the waste water into nullah or river and again municipal corporation purifies this discharged water and supplies you back.so it's better
where can we use recycled water

"do not discharge wastewater into surface water  like river,ponds etc. rather recycle it reuse".

but you will get recycled water at the cost of recycling.still,it will be less costly than what you get in supply because the supplied water adds cost of  "purification and supply".and if you recycle it at your own then it simply avoids supply cost.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

IPL 2013 scandal: another IPL scandal let down its fans

        Recent involvement of Sreesanth,chandila and chavan trio of rajasthan Team has let down its fans when they were caught for spot fixing.now IPL is more about business instead of cricket.players are more interested in earning money rather than playing their game through IPL.guilty people should be punished and even should be sent to jail,so that no other player or bookies try to commit the same.supporting fan which is watching match hoping that their team will win the match but they loose.then they blame that this player and that player did not perform well but the truth is something else.it disappoints the team fans and other people,the moment when truth is known that "match was fixed or certain over was fixed".
sreesanth is in action during IPL match
rajasthan royals trio

      if involvement of players in fixing is not stopped,then the event which is known as "world class event"  will be known as "worst class event".people would no more find it interesting to watch such event if  such fixings are done.cricket governing body BCCI and ICC are sleeping now they must have been awaken by this scandal.      

Monday, May 13, 2013

The main clashes yet to start: IPL 2013 Knock out

                    Knock outs are about to start and there has not been much interest yet in tournament.not so much changes were seen in point tally except few RCB replaced by CSK.RCB remained at top position in point tally for around 7-8 matches and it was seemed that RCB is for sure is entered in knock out.but now the story is different,RCB is even struggling for getting in knock outs.
                   on the other side last three teams(Punjab,Delhi,Pune) in point tally are so sticked to their positions as if these positions are looking top positions for them.teams like Delhi and Pune have not tasted much wins they won 3 and 2 matches respectively.these teams could have made tournament more interesting by replacing any top four teams some where middle in the tournament but they are sticked to their position.

           The question to be asked from these team captains and coaches is why they are not performing as it was expected.before the tournament kicked off ,Delhi was looking a good team as they have strong batting and bowling department.but why delhi's devils are not performing.
           two teams(CSK,RR) have already booked their birth in knock out.and third is almost fixed for MI,now main fight is for fourth position.for which Hyderabad and Bangalore are in fight.
          To make a tournament a grand success it's only knock outs and final matches.in league matches you had enough chances to get back in tournament but in knock out it's "DO OR DIE".so let us see who all make to knock outs and get into final.finally i want a good contest,an interesting tournament.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spat Between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir was not planned

          People are saying that verbal brawl and spat between kohli and gambhir was planned and meant to increase TRP but i don't think so if they had to do then they should have done in the end of match.why they put their match on stack and did this in between the match, which lead in distraction from the game and rather focus on spat.it's very much clear from the way kohli and gambhir become aggressive,that it was not planned.

               Television TRP has nothing to do with this brawl between gambhir and kohli.why they will put their match and match fees on stack.and due to this brawl,they might be banned for some matches.
                 But people will be amazed at seeing how gambhir and kohli greet each other when the game ended.it seems like nothing has happened between them.