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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Censorship in Movies is justified??

               Every one or the other film being released now a days is a controversial movie because of obscene content,anti-religion content , bad dialogues ,Actions etc. so all these scene being shown  in the movie leads to some kind of harm to the society which in turn leads to controversies. for example the action shown in the movie can be imitated by child and which may cause a serious injury.
              Apart from these if anti-religion scene is there in the movie then it can raise outrage among religions, among  cities, among  states, among  countries etc.

               And if adult scene is there then a family would not watch movie .if some actor is doing smoking or taking alcohol in then a person who adores to that actor , may start taking alcohol saying that my favorite  actor can take alcohol  then why i can not (he feels proud imitating his actors).

All above stated reasons are digging into society slowly or gradually and it can be stopped by a having a proper censorship of movies.

censorship should be there in movie or not???
comments are welcome..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Internet(mainly Search Engines) is Affecting Thinking Power

     Whenever we have any problem(solving equations,real issues in the world) in hand we rarely apply our own logic to solve those problems unless it is exam hall rather we try to search on internet.so the internet has widely been used and which makes our us lazy.and in turn which affect our problem solving skills  and thinking power.the word is full of problems and we have to solve those problem so instead of finding solution on internet (irrespective of the size of problem) we have to find out solution on our own so that we can give solution to any problem in the coming future.

Below is just an example where it tries to find out integration of sin(2x) there are many more problems which search for solution on internet.


     Apart from thinking power and problem solving skills it impact our social involvement because most of the time if we find solution on internet then we hardly try to meet our friends,colleagues etc.
    we must have heard one popular sentence from people that "A person remember another person when he wants some helps" .so if most of the problems are solved on internet then we will never get chance to meet our friends.

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