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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Single Entrance Exam for IITs,NITs,IIITs,and all state level engineering colleges

Union HRD minister has proposed a single common entrance exam for all centrally funded and state funded engineering colleges which would be conducted from year 2013. 

what is common entrance exam-

this exam has two test main and advanced both will be on the same day.main test would be of objective type and advanced test would be of subjective type(will be decided by joint administrative board).

      apart from this common entrance exam candidates' class 12th result would also be counted.

for IITs-

 on the basis of class 12th and main test (giving weightage 50% each),top 50k students would be selected and then on the basis of advanced test merit list will be prepared from these 50k students.

for centrally funded institutes (nits,iiits etc.)-

30%-main test
30%-advanced test

for state govt engineering colleges-

state govt will decide the weightage for each class 12th,main test,advanced test. 

           Giving weightage(50%) to class 12th marks would be beneficial for some states and disadvantegous for some other states in which it's difficult to score good in board exam.mean to say we can not compare different states education level.this class 12th weightage would be fair if all the states are having same syllabus,exam level.

          Main test and advanced test would of IIT level and we know that not all the students are at the same level,so students who are not desirous for IITs will find advanced test(subjective) difficult or they also have to do preparation of IIT level irrespective of their capability.

        So by keeping in mind this thing why can't we have seperate exam for IITs that is IIT-JEE and this new proposed common entrance exam for all other colleges.which will allow IITs to set paper as it is required for IITs only and not bothering about iiits,nits,and state colleges.and this will also allow IITs to maintain their status at world level just like IIMs.