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Saturday, March 17, 2012


             E-Governance refers to the utilization of information communication technologies (ICT) for delivering Government  informations  and services to the citizens. The most obvious benefit of e-govt is to improve efficiency of govt organization moving away from having paper based system to electronic system reduces manpower requirement  significantly.
Apart from efficiency ,we can avoid autocracy,corruption prevailed in the system.services which take lot of time (may be in month or years) to deploy ,can be easily deployed using the concept of e-govt.
More over it provides easy access  of information and services from anywhere in the world.we need not to go to the relevant organization which provides these services or information.and hence it reduces cost significantly.

Challenges :

1.winning the trust of people who are using these services
2.According to census-2011 90.6% of Indian population does not own computers or laptops.
And 94.9% rural population 81.3% urban population does not own computers or laptops.
3.so somehow we need to avail these  e-govt resources to rural population because majority of population lives in rural area by considering only urban area we can not have maximum utilization of these resources.~

Friday, March 16, 2012

A story of drowning man.......

 we often say that god does not help me and we blame our fate.But he helps you in one or the other form which we can not identify.here is a very short story....
      Once upon a time a man was drowning and one boat came and told him to get into boat but the man denied that my god will come and will save me.after some time second boat came and told him to get into boat but man again denied and replied the same.
     when he(man) drowned,he went to god and asked him why didn't you come to save me god replied that i sent you two boat.......
    So whatever helps come to you is sent by god.he himself can not come but sure he comes in some form.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is carbon credit policy.....

    Carbon credit came into picture to reduce GHG emission and hence saving environment from increasing global warming.CERs (certified emission reduction) is given to the organizations,industries based on carbon emission reduction.and this can be sold to other organization which has larger carbon emission more than their limit.hence it promotes towards reduction in carbon emission and allow the organizations to find green technology.
   but it has the main disadvantage is that as CERs can be purchased from other organizations so the organization which is emitting more carbon than it's limit would not try to find green technology instead they will try to purchase CERs.