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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Resource wastage in Education System

Indian education system is such that we are not utilising resources  proprely
for example due to privatization govt. is investing money in govt. colleges,schools  and thus students studying in these colleges and schools are not paying attention in the class itself and consequently they need to have private coaching or tutors.

           More over if i consider the case that govt  is providing scholarship to the children of the family  having bad economic conditions. but are they using this scholarship for their education  improvement??? no. most of the students  are using this scholarship for their needs and other things needed in house. so rather than giving scholarship to those children , government should provide study material,copy,traveling facilities.

           If i  take the case of level of education given to the students is not upto the level that is needed. i mean they are not given the actual education needed in industry,organisation etc.. so they need to have seperate training for the same.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How can we save enviornment

All human being are leaving some carbon footprint on this earth and it is increasing very drastically.it may lead to increase in temperature to 2 degree
Celsius by 2050.and its result will be very disastrous to all us. so commit from now onward that i will be contributing to save the environment.you can save it via the following ways.........

1.for short distance ( i.e. 1 or 2 km.) traveling do not use personal vehicle. you can use public transport or can walk for this much distance.

2.use envelope received with greetings,admit cards and other posted documents etc........

3.do not take unnecessary receipts from ATM machine and use internet banking,e-ticket reservation.

4.At traffic signal put off your bike or car if there is wait of 30 seconds or more.

5.use ventilation in offices,house that can save electricity used in day time.